Covid 19

To our members:


This message is to inform you that the Highland Curling Club board of directors and management have decided to put the season on hold for a 2-week period. This will be effective immediately and we will be resuming curling on the morning of Monday December 7th.

 We will be using the break to have a professional deep cleaning done to the rink to ensure we have done all we can to keep the Highland a safe space.

 This wasn’t an easy decision but we have decided it is the safest and most responsible option to keep our members and our staff protected. We need to do our part to help get Regina back to the safer place it was a few short weeks ago.

 We will be forwarding this information to all members but for the sake of alerting ALL curlers please feel free to recirculate.

 We are going to get through this, we have the best membership in the world and we know they understand our position and support us!

 Be safe and see everyone very soon!


                                                                                                                                                                                               Kevin Fetsch – President

                                                                                                                                                                                            AJ Scott – General Manager

To our members:


            This notice is to inform you of a recent Covid-19 incident that occurred at the rink. On November 13th – November 15th the Highland hosted the Assante Wealth Management Seniors and Masters event. It was an extremely isolated event, the rink was closed to the public and kept exclusively for the athletes competing in the event. We only ran 2 sheets at any single time, as well as made sure to run only the mens or women’s divisions at one time. The teams all respected our safety protocols we have here at the rink and routine scheduled cleaning was done more than every 60 minutes as well as after every draw.


            Late Saturday evening we had a team pull out because they were experiencing flu like symptoms. We proceeded to ask the remaining teams if they felt safe and confident enough to want to continue play, to which all teams said yes. We finished the event and things ran as smoothly as possible.


            Early in the week we received word from the team that pulled out that they were tested for Covid-19 and were in fact positive. Since that time, we slowly started hearing that several more players from teams that were experiencing symptoms also went and got tested and they too came back with positive results.  


            Due to the fact that the number of people with positive results is over 2, SHA informed us that they will be deeming us an “outbreak site” on their daily disclosure.


            Since being tested none of the teams who had positive results have been in the rink, however we still felt it necessary to inform membership of the details we know at this time.


            A Covid-19 compliance officer made a visit to the office and asked for additional details on the event we held, he was not only pleased with how prepared we were but also how thorough and well thought out of safety protocols were laid out as well as enforced.


Unless we hear otherwise the rink will be business as usual moving forward. Just to reiterate we will be continuing our cleaning protocols as well as following our return to play guidelines as strictly as possible. We all love curling and want to continue to do so for as long as we possibly can, but we need to do that in a way that allows all member to feel protected and safe.



                                                                                                            Stay Safe,

                                                                                                AJ Scott – General Manager

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Assumption of Risk Form (Under the age of 18)

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