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Halfway! Yes! We have officially handed out 2500 tickets to the Big Smokin’ Raffle!
Thank you to all of our members and friends who have been helping us take this raffle to the next level!
Lets keep the momentum rolling! Did you know we have 521 active members at the club currently? If every member took 1 book and sold it that would be 4,168 tickets just like that! To put that into perspective even more, 4,168 tickets would equate to over $83,000 for the club! That’s a season changing amount of money!
Help us finish out the raffle strong and sell out! Get your tickets in the office today!
Thank you and good luck!

Support our Club!

The last few years have been difficult on the Highland Curling Club.  Fortunately we entered Covid in a very strong financial position and have been able to withstand the financial strain it has put on us,  however it has caused us to draw on our financial reserves and the Board is determined to return the club to its previous position.  We have also seen our costs rise at an unprecedented level.  To that end, we have introduced a couple new fundraising initiatives that we hope will enable us to keep the fee increases to our members at a minimum as we know they are facing these same hardships.


Last year, with the help of some of our more well-known curlers, we introduced the concept of the Legacy Wall and you will see it starting to take shape upstairs.  We wanted to recognize those people who gave back to the club during Covid, and also to create an opportunity for those who may want to leave a lasting gift.


We have also brought back personalized rock handles, and you should see some of those start to arrive prior to Christmas.  It is another nice way to add a personal touch for those who enjoy the competition and camaraderie of our club.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are kicking off our inaugural “Big Smokin’ Raffle” which will allow people the opportunity to win a trip to Toronto next summer to see the Blue Jays and a Broadway show.  We are hopeful that this year’s will be the first of what will be come a very successful annual raffle.  Of course, to be successful we must again ask for the help of our members to help us achieve our goal which would ultimately be an annual sell-out!  In that, there are three ways we are asking for your support:


1.            It goes without saying but we are hoping that everyone will consider purchasing a ticket on the raffle

2.            To go one step further, it would be fantastic if you would consider taking a book of 8 tickets (or 2, or 3, or 4) and sold them on our behalf

3.            If you know of any amateur or minor sports teams that are looking to fundraise, we would be interested in partnering with them in offering $5 from each $20 ticket that they were able to sell.  As my friend Bernadette always says—there’s three things we need to focus on—selling tickets, selling tickets, and selling tickets 😊

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